Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety is inevitable to humans because it has numerous causes. Certain situations naturally lead to anxiety. For instance, going to write an examination or checking the results of any examination comes with a little bit of anxiety. Going for interview also brings a little bit of anxiety. However, all that is still normal.

You probably have encountered it several times. Everyone has.

When anxiety comes without any reason, when it becomes frequent, or when it is prolonged, then there is a problem and there is need for medical intervention. While there are numerous causes of anxiety, this article outlines only the common ones. The problem with anxiety is that it prevents the patients from living a normal life. It creeps in and begins to grow if not treated.

Anxiety attack comes with a trap. When it sets in, the patient will assume it is one of the minor anxiety sessions and may not do anything about it, then it begins to get worse. Here are some of the likely causes of anxiety.

Anxiety could be hereditary

A lot of people believe that anxiety is hereditary because they have seen several families where more than one person suffer from the condition. First of all, this is more of a myth because it is yet to be proved scientifically. Yes, it is possible for more than one person in a family to have it but there are better explanation for that. It could be caused by the environment or it could also be caused by an underlying condition that may be hereditary. So, until when researchers are able to prove it, it will remain an assumption that anxiety has any link with genetics.

Prolonged stress

While everyone gets their share of stress, some people can manage it better than others. When anxiety gets to the level that the patient begins to nurture worries and fears that are mostly unrealistic, then the level of such anxiety disorder has gotten beyond normal. This is why anxiety is sometimes descried as the fear of the unknown.

Some people can still carry out their daily routines even under stress while a lot of people can’t. When stressed up, some people become aggressive, violent and they get into unnecessary fights. Some other people will seek solitude. For most people, anxiety sets in when they are stressed for a long time. This is why doctors advise their patients never to treat stress with kid gloves. Stress may not be a problem but it can prepare a thriving ground for other more serious conditions like mental illness, depress, and anxiety disorder.

Post-Traumatic Stress

This is a critical level of stress and it leads to serious anxiety. Post-Traumatic Stress disorder occurs as a result of tragedy. It could be as a result of an accident, a medical condition like being confined to a wheelchair, bereavement, or even rape. Such events usually leave a terrible scar on the minds of the victims and only a very few people can handle them properly.

This kind of anxiety disorder also comes with nightmares, poor concentration, and frequent flashbacks about the event. At the critical stage, people who are suffering from this kind of anxiety may begin to deny themselves of important things like food. People who are suffering from serious anxiety disorder needs to be placed on suicide watch.

Some situations or environments may trigger it

Anxiety disorder is usually activated by different situations or environment in some people. This could be linked to the cause of the anxiety itself. For instance, someone who slid into depression because he was knocked down by a white car will have problems on sighting white cars especially when they seem to be approaching his direction.

For some people, certain environments trigger the attack. For instance, some people have problems with stormy nights. May be it brings them painful memories. Once it gets stormy in the night, the disorder is triggered in them.

Lack or inadequacy of vitamin B in the body

General lack of vitamins in the body can lead to different medical conditions and anxiety is one of them. Deficiency in vitamin B has been linked to anxiety disorder. If you are suffering from long term anxiety and you are not experiencing stress, your body may have run out of vitamin B. While it is good to get vitamin B supplement, it is also important to consult your physician to know the real cause and most appropriate treatment.

In conclusion, it is important to remind you that nothing is 100% certain in medicine. A lot of people are coping with serious stress and do not have any anxiety attack. So, having any of the problems listed as the cause of anxiety does not necessarily mean you will also suffer from the attack. However, most of the patients of anxiety usually have some of the problems.